Chelsea Brings Efficiency to the Insurance Sales Process

Chelsea Brings Efficiency to the Insurance Sales Process

At Great Plains Brokerage, leads were piling up due to manual data entry. As the Salesforce Administrator, Chelsea needed a product that could streamline sales and minimize manual work.

“Formstack has helped us solve so many problems and issues.”

With a role focused on building better processes, Chelsea is always on a mission to make work more efficient. When the brokerage team started hitting snags in the sales process, she knew it was time to dig into their sales workflow and develop a better system. She wanted one platform that could easily transform their entire insurance quote process, from initial inquiry to quote documentation. 

With Forms for Salesforce, Chelsea’s team has been able to eliminate manual data entry, data exporting, and duplicates. All data collected through these forms is automatically stored in Salesforce in real time, ensuring all agents can easily access data within minutes. Adding Formstack Documents to the mix ensures insurance quote documentation can be generated quickly, easily, and securely. Now, Chelsea’s team can focus more on the customer, instead of manual tasks and never-ending paperwork.

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Reduced errors

Eliminated copying and pasting data, mail merges, and data exports

Optimized Salesforce

Data captured from lead forms is automatically sent to Salesforce

Responded quicker

Removing manual data entry allowed the sales team to respond to leads and customers faster

Automated document generation

Replaced manually creating PDFs with a fully automated process that pulls data from Salesforce

Video Transcript

We are more efficient. We can take the extra time with the tasks that matter.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Chelsea Asmus, I am the Project Manager for Systems at Great Plains Brokerage, which means I am the Salesforce administrator as well. And a little bit about my role is I make sure that my team is set up properly for success in the Salesforce platform.

What were the challenges before using Formstack?

So the challenge that we first started to explore for Formstack was we had a lead form on our website that would email our users. And then we would have to take all the information off that email and manually enter it into our Salesforce environment. What would happen is the leads would start to pile up because we were working other issues or working more of the phones, because it was such a manual process.

So we weren't maybe getting to the leads as quickly as we wanted to. By flipping this we were able to really also reduce that human error and also it allowed us to find duplicates. And so if somebody has requested information from us once before and maybe it was three days ago, and now they're checking back in through our website because they haven't gotten that information. We're able to just better serve those customers.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

What we used Formstack for initially was to simplify that lead form on our website. So we use the Formstack form essentially on our website that would then feed all that information right into our Salesforce platform. Which then improved our processing of those leads. We no longer had the manual entry and any errors associated with that. And we were able to see those leads real time as they come in, work them and send them off to the appropriate users to continue that process.

We were looking at a lot of other solutions to help build PDFs and what's the best way. Because getting that information out of Salesforce and into a document was another piece that we were really needing. And we have that with the Formstack documents now too.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

Really the biggest outcome that we've had is that we don't have to spend as much time on all the small things. Getting registrations and/or getting updates of information or generating these forms and manually exporting data and then putting it into a mail merge document. A lot of these things have been simplified because of the efficiencies that I can build in Formstack.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”? 

My biggest piece when I'm looking to improve processes is trying to find what's redundant. I love spending time with my co-workers and watching them do what they do. My job is as a Salesforce administrator is to help build these processes into the system for them.

And so spending time with them while they do their job is key to me finding how to improve their job, how to improve their experience and a lot of that is just listening. And then after that listening piece talking about my ideas with them and seeing what sparks interest in them. So just that collaboration and talking through the ideas before you do them has been what made my processes so successful.

Would you recommend Formstack to a friend?

Yeah, I do recommend Formstack with my colleagues, actually they've asked me in different situations, "Hey, do you think that it would work for this?" I told them, yes or no, honestly, based on my experience. Or I've said, "I'm not sure. But if you ask they will let you know if it's a good tool or if they have something for you." Their honesty has always been something that I have appreciated.

Great Plains Brokerage is an independent wholesaler of insurance products, offering professional, independent agents and consultants in eight states. They serve as the exclusive marketing arm for the Sanford Health Plan, one of the largest providers of health insurance in the Dakotas.
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