Creating an Online Paycheck Protection Program Loan Application

Learn how Tri Counties Bank launched an online PPP loan application by completely automating the entire process from data collection to documentation.


When Tri Counties Bank was awarded PPP loan funds to disperse, they began looking for a way to create an online loan application process that could collect hundreds of data points and easily integrate with their current systems. They needed to build an automated process that eliminated manual data entry, considering the time sensitivity of the project and the need to approve and originate loans quickly. The biggest challenge was finding a tool that required zero coding and could easily integrate data with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud through nCino.


Within one week, they were able to create a secure online PPP loan application using Forms for Salesforce. Thanks to the simple drag-and-drop interface, native capabilities, and ability to build off of Salesforce objects, the entire process was built within their Salesforce account—no mapping of fields, coding, or syncing of data needed. They also built loan documents within Documents for Salesforce to complete the process. Official documents were automatically generated using submitted form data and could be managed within their Salesforce account.

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Launched quickly

Set up a comprehensive PPP loan application process in one week with no-code

Processed a high volume of loans

Originated and funded 2,908 loans totaling $436.7 million with an automated process

Saved time

Saved countless hours by eliminating manual data entry and hard coding

Made a difference

Preserved 25,000+ jobs from businesses within the communities they serve

Established a single source of truth

Created entire process and stored all data points within Salesforce

Video Transcript

Established in 1975, Tri Counties Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriCo Bancshares (NASDAQ:TCBK) headquartered in Chico, California. They provide a unique brand of customer service with solutions available in stand-alone and in-store bank branches in communities throughout Northern and Central California.
Online Loan Application
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